• An exceptional artiste who has developed a unique style of playing violin, a seasoned South Indian classical violinist working with legendary musicians in the field of Western music in different parts of the globe. Fantastic and poignant violin.
    ---- God Father of world music , Bharat Ratna Sitar Maestro-Pandit Ravi Shankar

  •  Virtuous and soulful violin
    ..... Jonas Hellborg

  • A musical matrix pulsating and soothing at once, a music which fills the million labyrinths of man’s mind to make the spirits soar !
    ----- Sheetal Mukarjee

  •  True masters… very lively, light and unbelievably powerful…their music moved the devotedly listening crowd… extraordinary musical impetus…
    ----- Suddeutsche Zeitung, Oct.2002

  • Various sound masters, intensive sound scapes, tight, “phase-shited” rhythmical structures…
    ----- FLX, May 2003

  • Elaborate unisono melodies and insane tempo with an easiness any progressive metal band would go pale ---- world music on world class level
    ----- Hildesheimer Allegemeine, July 2003

  • Violinist Neyveli S.Radhakrishna bent his notes insouciantly, then flew from the bottom of his register to the top like a virtuoso Cuban trumpet player.
    ----- Hollywood Reporter/Los Angeles Reuters, April 2006

  • The rise and fall of Neyveli S. Radhakrishna’s violin was quite poignant.
    ----- Becca Ramspott - Special to the Journal-World, November 2005

  • Enchanting and daring improvisational music played by master musicians of AHIMSA.
    ----- Skir ball, Aug.2008, LA, USA.

  • Scintillating solos … with the talented double violin star Neyveli Radhakrishna, AHIMSA lived up to its reputation of being the “second Shakti” - John McLaughlin’s Seminal fusion project with Ustad Zakir Hussain, L. Shankar and Vikku Vinayakram — serving up a heady brew of rhythms and exploring a highly sophisticated melodic space .
    ----- The Telegraph- Feb,3 -2009 (Congo Square Jazz Festival-2009, Kolkata)

  • Talented Indian musician… widely acclaimed artiste …accomplished and experienced musician
    ----- The Chronicle

  • The vedic invocation of Radhakrishna’s Carnatic violin set a respectful tone for the fusion jam.
    ----- The New Indian Express

  • Radhakrishna brings into sharp focus his mastery over variegated styles without offending the Carnatic music patterns. He thus earns the appreciation from the discerning critic.
    ----- The New Sunday Express

  • While Radhakrishna switched over with aesthetic perception from higher to lower octave appropriately while accompanying the singer, during his solo passages he did not seem to have any “High tension insulation breakdowns” of harsh notes from the violin at any point of the finger board, considering the elevated sruthi and the resulting tautness of the strings.
    ----- The Hindu